Private Money Lender Serving San Diego County, CA

Whether you’re self-employed, you fix up and flip commercial property, or you need capital to invest in commercial real estate for any other reason, RMS Capital Solutions is here to help. We’re a private money lender that only has one goal: get you the money you need quickly and efficiently. If you’re in San Diego County, CA, and need commercial real estate private money lending, contact us today.

Benefits of Private Money Lending

You may wonder why coming to us for private money lending is better than going through a traditional bank. One of the biggest benefits is our response time. When you need money, we expedite the application and credit approval processes and we streamline the processing as well.

Plus, we eliminate overwhelming paperwork and documentation, so you get your money when you need it. But don’t think we cut corners; we do everything we can to ensure a dependable and effective loan because we’re not just another lender — we’re a partner.

Benefits of Working With Us

RMS Capital Solutions has been around for years, and we’ve focused entirely on private money lending for business real estate in San Diego and the surrounding counties. We built our company on three foundational principles: truth, transparency, and trust. When you come to us, we’ll work with you in a dependable, trustworthy way that allows you to understand each step of the process.

Call us today for private money lending at (619) 990-9800.