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Why Invest?

Our approach to assisting private equity investors in simple: offer a product with the highest return in the marketplace with the lowest risk. This product can be found investing with RMS Capital Solutions utilizing first trust deeds collateralized by California real estate. With our fundamental approach to underwriting collateral values, we offer transparency in every opportunity. Our direct financing solution for any real estate investor in California is to offer high-yield, short-term investing opportunities. Stop wasting time learning about finding great deals. With RMS Capital Solutions as an expert private money lender, you have a guaranteed raise in your equity capital.

Here at RMS Capital Solutions, our typical private money loan terms for real estate are:

  • Interest rates from 8% to 12%.
  • LTV (Loan to Value) Ratio at 50% -75%
  • Loan Terms 6 to 36 months

Investing FAQ’s

What is my potential ROI (Return on Investment)?

Our loans typically have a net annual ROI of 7.9% to 12%.

What is LTV (Loan to Value Ratio)?

This refers to the ability to recover the investment, and the reliance on the ability to sell the collateral in case of default. Thus, before investing it is important to consider the value of said collateral. The property should be valuable enough to recover your initial investment through foreclosure and resale.

What risks are involved?

Lack of repayment from the borrower could result in the necessity to foreclose on the borrower and resell the collateral to return your investment. In some cases, this can be a very positive opportunity-enhancing the ROI. RMS Capital Solutions offers streamlined services to address this situation including legal, title, auction and resell. We are always beside you every step of the way until your loan has been repaid.

Why should I invest?

• You can simply diversify your investment risk by adding trust deed investments to your portfolio
• You get good returns as compared to bank deposits
• These investments are secured by real estate
• Time of investment is minimum
• Monthly distributions are paid after each payment is made by the borrower

Do you pool my money with other investors?

Not necessarily. We offer direct trust deed investing. There might be times when the loan request is too large, thus fractional trust deed offerings may be available. RMS Capital Solutions is not a fund with pooled money to lend.

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