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The Benefit of using Private Money for Businesses

We understand in order for businesses and corporations to grow, it takes capital. The problem is many traditional lending institutions hesitate at the idea of funding a loan for a company that hasn’t already proven their success. At RMS Capital Solutions, we recognize in order to attain growth and success there is a need for significant funds. We believe every company should have the chance to realize their dreams and to make their mark in their community; which in turn provides more jobs and increased economic stability. We are here to champion your vision, to make the difference, and to help you reach your goals.

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Business FAQ’s

How does private money help my business grow?

Factoring receivables can be a necessary way to raise immediate short-term capital for cash flow problems or new customer demands. We look at the big picture to help your business grow and eventually obtain a low cost line of credit to operate with a more efficient cash management plan.

What types of businesses do you fund?

We prefer lending to progressive businesses with a solid track record of clearing receivables from a diverse group of customers.

What do you consider as collateral for businesses?

Non-owner occupied real estate is the primary collateral. Factoring receivables is secondary repayment with UCC filings on FF&E

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