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Why Choose Private Money Lending for Real Estate?

Typically, when a commercial or residential loan is being procured with a traditional financial institution in California, it requires months of endless waiting, piles of paperwork and a rigorous credit approval process. With private money lending for real estate, we get rid of the usual frustration of slow response time, overwhelming amounts of documents and stringent credit approval processes.

Instead, we focus our goals on:

  • Pledged Collateral
  • Equity Preservation
  • Expedited Application Approval
  • Hassle-Free Credit Checks
  • Streamlined Processing Procedures
  • Immediate Funding After Approval

Let us help make your dreams into a reality. Whether you are using it for:

  • Industrial/Office Buildings
  • Fix And Flips
  • Apartment Complexes (5+ Units)
  • Retail/Restaurant
  • Construction
  • Industrial/Commercial Land Purchases
  • Issues With Bad Credit
  • Quick Investment Opportunities


RMS Capital Solutions is an expert on the lending process for investments on residential properties in California offering direct funding to qualified investors. Unlike most banks, our direct lending criteria is based upon asset value not borrower credit. We offer great rates to investors with prior bankruptcies and don’t require tax returns to get approval. As a private money real estate lender, we give you “wealth” opportunities through residential hard money loans. Whether you are buying or re-financing a family residence, duplex, or a condominium, our capital and expertise will help fund your residential loan.


If you own or found a great commercial property but you are unable to qualify for a loan from a traditional financial institution, there is no need to suffer. RMS will give you a peace of mind and provide you with private money lending alternatives. RMS is an expert private money lender that gives you flexible and creative lending solutions to finance your commercial real estate deals. When you need a quick loan and you can’t wait for several months for a bank loan, a commercial hard money loan is a good alternative.

Borrowing FAQ’s

What are the terms of a private money loan?

1. Loan amounts offered from $100,000 to $ 20,000,000
2. Loan terms range from 6 months to 3 years
3. We require 25% – 50% available equity
4. Will fund up to 75% of costs or current market value including purchase and rehab

What do I need to qualify for a private money loan?

Collateral is the main focus of every loan we make. We will research the pledged collateral to verify the real estate can be encumbered in the appropriate lien position.

Can I use a co-borrower to qualify for a loan?

The borrower can be an individual, multiple individuals or entities such as LLC’s, Corporations and partnerships.

What determines the percentage rate of my loan?

Primarily the LTV, type of collateral and maturity date.

Are there any penalties if I retract my decision?

We offer a NO FEE upfront analysis of the loan request. If you decide not to pursue our loan you will not be out-of–pocket.

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